Cadastral Survey Service

SIEAT has well knowledge and experience in this domain, we are offering Cadastral Survey Service to the clients.


A cadastral survey of any piece of land would include complete details of the land, its dimensions, location, ownership, and cultivation The survey serves as a complete land record that is a valid legal document. Such surveys have a long history and have been done for centuries Cadastral Survey Service main objective is to protect home buyers and mortgage lenders who invest in real estate. They insist on high standards when searching land records and preparing documents to prevent land title problems. These surveys contain reports on rights of way and access, lines of possession and improvements along boundaries, encroachments and easements, and water features, among other aspects.

Benefits of Cadestral Survey Services:

Cadastral Survey Service standards are the same nationwide. Therefore, it makes it easy for the title company to review the survey and write title insurance on the property. This controls the financial risk for the owners and lenders. Encroachments/Easements Shown Encroachment is defined as a violation of a person’s property rights when a neighbouring property owner builds something on, or over, the person’s land. Cadastral Survey Service can help by showing potential encroachments and plotting recorded easements on the survey drawing. Whether a potential encroachment or physical condition is an actual encroachment or not is a legal determination.
Familiarity All parties in a real estate transaction such as lenders, attorneys, surveyors, and title professionals are familiar with the Cadastral Survey standards. This means that everyone knows what to expect when working together with this same survey standard.
Title Research Cadastral Survey Service survey gives the surveyor the advantage of having the deed research from the title commitment before issuing the final version of the survey. In other standards, this is not required.Consistent Scope of Work Usually, the hardest part of any contract is determining the scope of work and how it will be completed. The Cadastral Survey standards provide a consistent scope of work and is frequently reviewed and updated to conform to the latest technology and legal issues.