2D & 3D For Seismic Survey

SIEAT approach 2D and 3D for Seismic Survey is based on harnessing our vast experience and people alongside our adoption of leading technology platforms and equipment, often provided by our highly precise instrument’s with methodology.
The design a control point network strategically located according to the needs of the 2D and 3D for Seismic Survey. Establishment of control points, must do a scouting to the sites where theoretically the DGPS network points will be placed to verify the feasibility of the point in terms of stability, accessibility and visibility of satellites. When checking for the viability of the point proceeds to materialization according to the specifications agreed with the Client.
The time positioning planning of DGPS network points considering the length of the baselines, levels of DOP and satellite geometry for excellent quality positioning. The positioning of the DGPS network will be done with dual-frequency DGPS receivers will be mounted on tripod and Rover with tribrach on tripod.

2D & 3D for Seismic Survey Based On:
  • Precise Equipment to be used.
  • Geodetic and Mapping Parameters.
  • DGPS Receiver Specifications.
  • DGPS Receiver Accuracy.
  • Carryout short baseline test for accuracy.
  • Pillar fixing for DGPS Networking.
  • DGPS Networking.
  • Establishment of Master Control Point.
  • Establishment of Secondary Control Point.
Demarcation of 3D Survey Sources & Receivers & 2D Lines

This method describes the procedure for Demarcation of 2D and 3D Line on Ground and will established final Coordinates of Receivers and Sources, for building Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of the survey area.

The Method Has Been Organized Into The Following Sections
  • Field-based RTK-DGPS for data collection /Staking out.
  • GTopographic Survey for major exiting features of an area of interest.