It is the continuing endeavour of the SIEAT Engineering to:–

Provide quality service to the customer’s satisfaction in respect of comprehensive Services of Detailed Engineering /Land and Hydrographic Surveying, Excavation & Earth work, Geotechnical Investigation for Proposed development, transportation, Oil & Gas, Environmental and utility, Industries, Government authorities, architects, Consulting and Civil Engineers, Lawyers and Developers, while performing surveys anywhere in the world, consistent with national and international standards.

Maintain a healthy and safe workplace, systems and methods of work, to ensure the health and safety of personnel and prevention of loss of life and property by identification of foreseeable work hazards, assessment of the risks and taking appropriate steps.

Prevent, reduce or control pollution while working in the office and on-board vessels during survey by identification of potential sources, assessment of the impacts and taking appropriate steps.

Strive to continually improve Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment management performance by setting objectives and measurable targets with review and corrective measures.

Comply with all the applicable safety, occupational health and environmental rules & regulations and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, while operating survey equipment, on ground and under the water.

Strive to continually improve Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment management performance by setting objectives and measurable targets with review and corrective measures.

Promote resource conservation and recycle options.

Equip employees and contractors with the awareness, information, instructions, and supervision skills needed for safe working, quality of operation and environmental management.

Identify and maintain the processes needed for effective implementation of the quality management system.

Address the concerns of customers, employees, stakeholders, local communities and other interested parties.

SIEAT HSE and QA Policies: –


It is the aim of the Company to assure that the survey is conducted through the Implementation of a quality system, which shall involve the use of systematic, planned And cost effective procedures that determine, assess and achieve quality and value in Compliance with the requirements of the client.

Mission Statement

The mission of SIEAT Engineering is to prosper as a professional ethical company by stimulating and satisfying the needs of our clients with successful innovative and Continually improved services through the continual enhancement of the Company personnel expertise and resources.

Health and Safety

The Company is concerned with health and safety at work and the protection of the Environment. It aims to provide employees with healthy and safe working conditions and with procedures and practices designed to protect themselves, other employees and the general public from risk of injury and ill health, and to preserve the natural Environment


The Company recognizes that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and Global environment and as a consequence of this the company is committed to Continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of Pollution

Equal Opportunity

The Company endeavours to ensure fair and lawful treatment to all potential Employees, clients and any other persons it has an association with SIEAT Engineering Services Pvt Ltd.

Cost Control

Cost Control is a process in which we focus on controlling the total cost through competitive analysis. It is a practice which works to align the actual cost in agreement with the established norms.SIEAT ensures that the cost incurred on Service should not go beyond the pre-determined cost.