Survey Consultancy for Construction

The best-planned construction projects will remain just that; a project, if the construction drawings are accurately executed at site. This is why need a construction surveyor.
Construction Surveys, also known as Construction Staking, is the interpretation of construction plans, the verification of the project control, and the establishment of locations and elevations of the proposed features such as Roads, Buildings, Railway Track, Metro Track and various utilities.It is done to ensure that a project is built according to engineering design plans. It also helps to make sure that the project is completed on schedule and within the budget without costly layout mistakes. SIEAT has experienced and Qualified Surveyors that’s why we ensure for the accuracy and reliability of results.
SIEAT has gained a reputation for professional excellence in the Civil engineering survey sectors, by providing imaginative solutions to challenges. Being proactive, SIEAT makes sure that the service it provides is always tailored to satisfying its client’s needs, which may explain why its onboard near real-time reports are being hailed as setting new standards and the benchmark in its field

The Different Phases of Construction Surveys:

Construction surveys can cover a wide range of tasks. Below we discuss how construction surveys are done in the entire course of the construction, even before and after.

Pre-construction Phase:

During this phase, construction surveys usually begin by establishing a Control point network with highly accurate, that will be used and referenced throughout the job. The goal is to be able to visually identify all existing signs of exterior and roof damage and any signs of structural settlement before construction begins. This phase is also usually when initial marks are placed on the ground, indicating the location of the structures to be built.

Construction Phase:

Construction surveys are used to layout and stake the locations of other features and utilities, periodically as needed. Construction surveys can also be used during this time to check the accuracy of the actual construction by comparing actual field measurements to plan data.

After Construction Phase:

After the construction has finished, construction surveys can be used to check the final results, comparing what has actually been built with the way it was planned. This type of construction survey is sometimes referred to as an “As-built” survey.

Importance of Construction Survey:

Construction surveying is not an easy task. It has to be carried out by professional land surveyors like Surveying Consultants. SIEAT has experienced team of professionals that utilize state-of-the-art equipment and software such as Total Stations, Data Collectors, DGPS Receivers and Robotic Stations to provide the most accurate and reliable data for our clients.
SIEAT especially focused on the Road, Railway, Metro Rail, Airport, coastal areas and inlands, Oil and Gas Area. High Rise Tower, Mall, Factories Construction.